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The Caja de Ahorros y Pensiones de Barcelona, "la Caixa", is the result of the merger, in 1990, of the Caja de Pensiones, founded in 1904, and the Caja de Barcelona, founded in 1844. From its beginnings, "la Caixa" was primarily dedicated to family saving and to offering all its customers insurance for old age, when this type of welfare service did not yet exist in Spain. Thus, since its origins, "la Caixa" has been characterised by a strong social commitment and a vocation to work in the general interest, both through its financial activity and its welfare projects developed by “la Caixa” Foundation, which finance activities of a social, cultural and scientific nature.

This vocation to serve has been maintained and consolidated throughout this period. Today “la Caixa” is the number one savings bank in Spain and the third largest financial entity in the country for results, with a workforce of over 32,625 employees and undertakes banking activity indirectly through CaixaBank.

CaixaBank has over 12.9 million customers, a network of more than 6,342 branches, more than 9,696 automatic cash dispensers, and, it is the leading entity in retail banking and a benchmark in the Spanish financial sector.

CaixaBank brings together all the banking business of ”la Caixa”, its holdings in international banks, its insurance business and holdings in Telefónica and Repsol.

The activity of the "la Caixa" Group is focused on a model of universal banking based on the strategy of multi-channel operations that enables it to efficiently combine the use of cutting-edge technologies and the qualifications of its employees to provide the best and most complete service to the greatest number of customers.

With the aim of diversifying income and taking part in the development of companies that offer basic services to society, “la Caixa” has for many years now pursued a strategy of investing in such businesses. The ”la Caixa” Group currently has a large portfolio of holdings in industry, property, international banking, the insurance business and service sector companies.