Corporate Responsibility

Caja de Ahorros y Pensiones de Barcelona, a committed company

For over a hundred years, la Caja de Ahorros y Pensiones de Barcelona has maintained a policy based on economic efficiency and responsible operations.

The entity was founded in 1904, in the form of a savings bank, with a social purpose aimed at avoiding people’s financial exclusion and with a strong commitment to the social and economic development of the territory.

As it did then, it works today with a long-term business vision, taking into account all the people and groups with whom it is associated. And it is convinced that, from its position and under the guidance of the values of leadership, trust and social commitment, a part of its corporate responsibility lies in encouraging a sustainable approach in its areas of influence.

“This Caixa is an entity with economic interests, but more than this and above all, it is built on social ideals.“ (1927).

Francesc Moragas Barret
(founder and first President)


  • Caixa Bank ingles

    Logo caixabank
    As from July 2011, the entity conducts its financial activity indirectly, through CaixaBank, a bank that shares the values and firm commitment to people and its surroundings that have characterised the long trajectory of ”la Caixa”.
  • Obra Social ingles

    ”la Caixa” has its Welfare Projects, the instrument that permits it to develop a large number of initiatives to give opportunities to people, regardless of their age, gender or condition.